Hard Knock Newfies Season 1 On DVD

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Season 1 Hard Knock Newfies on dvd, Our reviews so far have been awesome, if you love hunting you wont be disappointed as you watch our team of young hunters travel Newfoundlands rugged terrain and have a few laughs  on some epic moose and bear hunting adventures


Rugged NL Outdoors is very happy to present Season 1 of Hard Knock Newfies on DVD. Season 1 follows some of the first hunts that the team ever filmed along with some guided hunts with our Host Jordan Locke. Your gonna see some great hunts and tonnes of animals and country in this down to earth Newfoundland hunting show. Were all itchin’ to get back in the woods and do some hunting, but until you can join the Hard Knock Newfies on their rugged hunting adventures in Newfoundland’s amazing wilderness.

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