About Rugged NL Outdoors

Jordan Locke dedicated his life from the time he was very young to hunting, fishing and the outdoor world. His passion for the outdoor life led to a very exciting career in the hunting industry.

With a vision for greater potential for rugged young Newfoundland hunters to have a career in the hunting world, Rugged NL Outdoors was born. 

He gathered a team of young Newife hunters that shared his passion for the outdoor life and together they created Hard Knock Newfies, a hunting show based on the hunting adventures three passionate, rugged outdoorsman who love to push the limits for an epic hunt.

Promotion & Advertising

Promote your products or business with Rugged NL Outdoors, we offer an excellent opportunity to reach many potential customers through the viewers of Hard Knock Newfies hunting show, also through our thousands of social media followers, we will make your brand shine and even offer your products to our customers directly.

To learn more, please contact us at (709) 673 6578 or email us at info@ruggednl.com.

You can also visit us on Facebook.

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